40 Days of Grace- Day 39

Acts 15:11 No! We believe it is through the grace of our Lord Jesus that we are saved, just as they are.

The great council of the church in Jerusalem which turned the tides of evangelical Christianity in the first century. God’s grace had appeared to the Gentiles and they were coming to faith, being given the gift of grace and the Holy Spirit, and experiencing the transforming power of God’s grace. So often, when that happens, others cannot understand and come against the working of God’s grace. We see that in the church so often. “God doesn’t love those people…” Yet he does. Peter reminds his fellow apostles and church leaders that their own salvation came not by works or obeying the Laws of Moses but by grace and grace alone. The same grace that they were saved under is the same grace that the Gentiles were now receiving. Thank the Lord that he offers his grace to anyone who would receive it!


  1. If one received Grace, he/she has received Jesus Christ. Once he/she received the grace of God, nothing is the same as previously was. You are feasting. Only through eating process, the food and substance become one. Enjoy the grace and do not be stagnated in ugliness of sins. Grace overcome the sin. Grace is greater than sin. The power of grace is stronger than sin. Read Romans 8:2.

    However, it is good to recognize our shortcomings. God is working. Trust Him.

  2. Lord, please open the eyes and hearts of everyone in our country to see your grace and accept salvation through Jesus – bring about a revival in our country. Praise you Jesus! Amen

  3. http://www.truthinaction.org/sermon/AMAZING%20GRACE_100815.pdf
    I could not wait till the 40 days, so here is my portion for tomorrow:
    An old sermon which i watched many years ago regarding grace. Today i found it in a written format entitled, the amazing grace. Click and read. The 40 days of grace is coming to an end, but Christ’s grace never ends. Click and read. It worth your times. If it was not so, i would not have told you. Do not miss it.

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