The Baby Crib Jesus

Why is the Birth of the Baby Jesus so much easier for some people to admire? You see, some folks like the Baby Crib Jesus but are uncomfortable with the adult Jesus. Why? Well, babies are cute, and everyone likes the idea of a new and special birth. The manger scene is so serene. Sheep and cattle, wise men and shepherds, a mother and her new born child… It’s a Hallmark moment for sure. But some people have never grown up like the baby Jesus did. Their faith and understanding is still like the Baby in the manger. They want to keep Jesus in the manger because it’s easier than the grown up Jesus. The Baby Jesus is non-threatening, non-challenging, and non-committal. But the adult Jesus challenges us to the very core of our being and we get uncomfortable. Follow Father Marc on this Christmas Evening message and begin to take Jesus out of the manger and into your heart. Then you can begin to “grow up” just like he did.


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