Sermons on 1 Kings

Sermons on 1 Kings

People Around Us Need Jesus

Fr. Marc shares encouraging testimonies from an afternoon with Revive Texas. He reminds us that the people around us are in desperate need of God’s love, a love that we can share with them if we tell them about Jesus.

The Mountain

Throughout the Old and New Testament, we see encounters with God taking place on mountains.  Fr. Marc reminds us of several of these Biblical encounters and challenges us to encounter God ourselves–not by visiting mountaintops, but through a life of prayer.

The Widow’s Mite and the Harvest

Fr. Marc talks about some of the harvest traditions from various cultures around the world. He then points to the stories of the Widow’s Offering in Mark’s gospel and Elijah and the Widow in 1 Kings as examples of trusting God and giving Him first place in our lives.