Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

How to Handle the Short End of the Stick

In this message, Father Marc addresses Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness. “70 times 7” means unlimited forgiveness is required from every Christian. Even when it seems we are getting the “short end of the stick,” we are called to forgive. Father Marc offered 5 steps to handling the short end of the stick. 1. Try to see God’s hand at work in every circumstance of life. 2. Accept what has happened to you without bitterness. 3. Forgive those who hurt you…

Spiritual Growth: Abraham

Although Abraham is known as the father of faith, he had many weaknesses.  Throughout the story of Abraham’s life we learn that God can work through flawed and broken people. We also see Abraham’s faith growing strong even through some pretty tough situations and mistakes.  Don’t miss learning from Abraham’s life as Fr. Marc continues to teach on spiritual growth!

God’s Order Trumps Man’s Schemes

From the beginning of Creation, God has created a divine order for the universe and everything within it. Fr. Marc encourages us to live with wisdom, which aligns our lives with God’s order and plan for us. This will ultimately lead us to the Cross, which is “foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

The Mountain

Throughout the Old and New Testament, we see encounters with God taking place on mountains.  Fr. Marc reminds us of several of these Biblical encounters and challenges us to encounter God ourselves–not by visiting mountaintops, but through a life of prayer.

God the Giver – His First Act in Creation

After admitting his earlier dislike of any sermons about giving, Fr. Marc looks at God’s example of entrusting the created world to humankind in Genesis. He continues with other scriptures that help us understand how we can imitate God’s example through generosity and faithful stewardship. Following the sermon, one of the vestry members shares a powerful testimony about how God has worked in his life through Good Shepherd and how he desires to see others experience that same transforming love…

Dancing with the Devil

Fr. Marc tackles the issue of temptation and how it operates in our lives. He then gives guidance from Scripture on how to resist sin’s influence and live a godly life in Christ.
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