The Three C's

The Three C's

The Three C’s: Courage

Wrapping up a series on the three C’s of Christian living,  Fr. Marc encourages us to be courageous in our faith. He reminds us that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a Spirit of power, love and a sound mind.”

The Three C’s: Commitment

Sometimes as we read the Old Testament we are shocked by the sin and idolatry of God’s chosen people.  The very same Israelites that walked through the Red Sea worshiped a golden calf in the desert.  Christians today, however, also struggle to fully commit themselves to their faith. A lack of commitment often leads to idolatry, apathy, and eventually unbelief.  Thankfully, God offers us the opportunity to recommit and grow in our faith.

The Three C’s: Consecration

Fr. Marc begins a new series by teaching us the importance of consecration. From Israel’s days of wandering in the desert and entering the Promised Land to the apostles waiting in Jerusalem for the gift of the Holy Spirit, consecration is a theme that runs throughout the Scriptures and remains a central part of the believer’s life today.