"baptism" Tagged Sermons

"baptism" Tagged Sermons

The Great Boxing Match

During a dedication service, Fr. Marc describes the historical disagreement in the church between infant baptism and dedicating infants to the Lord, pointing out that both seem to have Scriptural precedents. He moves on to the central fact that no matter what our views on the issue, we are all called to model discipleship for our children and to help guide them towards a relationship with God.

The Three C’s: Consecration

Fr. Marc begins a new series by teaching us the importance of consecration. From Israel’s days of wandering in the desert and entering the Promised Land to the apostles waiting in Jerusalem for the gift of the Holy Spirit, consecration is a theme that runs throughout the Scriptures and remains a central part of the believer’s life today.

Game Changers

The resurrection of Christ is the heart of our faith! Fr. Marc tackles the biggest ‘game changer’ of all time found within the amazing Easter story.  Listen for yourself as we celebrate Jesus’ the victory over death!

The Three Baptisms

Drawing from the story of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, Fr. Marc discusses the three baptisms in the Christian life: birth, the baptism of water for repentance, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live out our faith in Christ.