"culture" Tagged Sermons

"culture" Tagged Sermons

Stumbling Block 2: Ignoring Truth

In the second part of his series on stumbling blocks, Fr. Marc warns us about the dangers of ignoring God’s Word when we live amidst a culture whose truths and values are constantly changing.

Stumbling Block 1: Isolation

Fr. Marc begins a five-part series on stumbling blocks by talking about the dangers of isolation in the believer’s life. The fellowship of other Christians and the constant, steady ministry of the Church is an essential part of our battle against the enemy, who “prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

The Three C’s: Commitment

Sometimes as we read the Old Testament we are shocked by the sin and idolatry of God’s chosen people.  The very same Israelites that walked through the Red Sea worshiped a golden calf in the desert.  Christians today, however, also struggle to fully commit themselves to their faith. A lack of commitment often leads to idolatry, apathy, and eventually unbelief.  Thankfully, God offers us the opportunity to recommit and grow in our faith.

Jesus Weeps For Us

Luke’s Gospel describes how Jesus wept over Jerusalem because of their stubbornness and unwillingness to listen.  In this lesson, Fr. Marc reminds us that God has not changed and that Jesus weeps over us as well.  Are we listening?


Drawing inspiration from the Psalms and the calling of Jeremiah, Fr. Marc revisits the core vision of Good Shepherd Church: to know, follow and serve Jesus. He also ties that vision to our calling to bring other people into the same pattern of discipleship and growth in their walk with Christ.

Why Are We Losing Our Kids?

Fr. Marc takes a look at some difficult statistics showing an exodus of young people from the Church. Working from the 2nd chapter of James, he examines many of the factors that are turning young people away from faith and encourages us to make the spiritual well-being of our youth a priority.

Following Christ with No Agenda

“What’s in it for me?”  Fr. Marc challenges us to examine our motives for following Jesus.  Many are like the followers in John 6:56-69 who walk away when things are hard.  Will each of us be more like the faithful disciples that choose to be Christians no matter what the cost?

Freedom and License for the Christian

In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul discusses whether the Christians of his day should eat meat that had been sacrificed to idols. Fr. Marc draws from this passage to tackle the difficult topic of Christian freedom.

Sanctity of Life Sunday 2015

In honor of sanctity of life Sunday, Fr. Marc briefly recounts the history of the abortion and pro-life movements in the last 40 years, then goes to the Scriptures to show that life is a sacred gift from God and that we must do what we can to see that it is protected.

Yielding – Winning the Cultural Battle Part 2

In the second part of the series on Christianity and culture, Fr. Marc looks at the differences between Abraham and Lot in Genesis, particularly in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah. The contrast between these two biblical characters provides a lesson that is critical for Christians in today’s culture.

Why the Wicked Prosper – Winning the Cultural Battle Part 1

Fr. Marc begins a new series on Christianity and culture with a look at Psalm 94. He encourages us that God is still in control despite the evil we see in the world, and reminds us that we are called to be God’s light in the darkness. Also, a passage from Revelation shows that God is sovereign over the world and His purposes and judgments will ultimately prevail.
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