"death" Tagged Sermons

"death" Tagged Sermons

Spiritual Travel Itinerary

Today’s message begins with an encouraging testimony from a young man named Raj who works in an orphanage in the Andaman Islands, a group of islands southeast India. Fr. Marc then challenges us from Scripture to consider our ‘spiritual itinerary’, where we are going in our relationship with God and in eternity.

Sanctity of Life Sunday 2015

In honor of sanctity of life Sunday, Fr. Marc briefly recounts the history of the abortion and pro-life movements in the last 40 years, then goes to the Scriptures to show that life is a sacred gift from God and that we must do what we can to see that it is protected.

Number Your Days

Drawing from Psalm 90 and Matthew, Fr. Marc counsels us to make the most of the time that God has given us. He also discusses the concept of the ‘day of the Lord’ in Zephaniah and 1 Thessalonians and urges us to live each day for God’s glory.

What Are You Living For?

In this Memorial Day sermon, Fr. Marc encourages us to remember the heroes in our country, our own lives, and the Church. Looking at some of the first accounts of persecution found in the book of Acts, he challenges us to live for what is eternal rather than what is temporal.

What’s So Good About Friday?

In this Good Friday sermon, Fr. Marc begins by describing the Crucifixion in detail. He then explains how the suffering of Jesus, the Messiah, sets the believer free from sin and death. [Warning: this sermon contains a graphic description of the Crucifixion]

Finishing Strong

God’s not through with you yet! Fr. Marc challenges us to “Finish Strong” just as St. Paul writes in 2 Timothy 4:7: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”