"perseverance" Tagged Sermons

"perseverance" Tagged Sermons

Stumbling Block 2: Ignoring Truth

In the second part of his series on stumbling blocks, Fr. Marc warns us about the dangers of ignoring God’s Word when we live amidst a culture whose truths and values are constantly changing.

The Three C’s: Commitment

Sometimes as we read the Old Testament we are shocked by the sin and idolatry of God’s chosen people.  The very same Israelites that walked through the Red Sea worshiped a golden calf in the desert.  Christians today, however, also struggle to fully commit themselves to their faith. A lack of commitment often leads to idolatry, apathy, and eventually unbelief.  Thankfully, God offers us the opportunity to recommit and grow in our faith.

Following Christ with No Agenda

“What’s in it for me?”  Fr. Marc challenges us to examine our motives for following Jesus.  Many are like the followers in John 6:56-69 who walk away when things are hard.  Will each of us be more like the faithful disciples that choose to be Christians no matter what the cost?

What is the Church in a topsy turvey world?

With all the pressure put on Christians and the church to ‘get with the times’, Father Marc addresses the question “Who is the church?”  This is a challenging and relevant message for all that are trying to learn what it means to be salt and light is a changing world.

Are You Happy?

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We all know the words, but do we know how to pursue happiness? What truly makes us happy? Fr. Marc looks at Psalm 84 and other passages that guide us in the right direction.

Why the Wicked Prosper – Winning the Cultural Battle Part 1

Fr. Marc begins a new series on Christianity and culture with a look at Psalm 94. He encourages us that God is still in control despite the evil we see in the world, and reminds us that we are called to be God’s light in the darkness. Also, a passage from Revelation shows that God is sovereign over the world and His purposes and judgments will ultimately prevail.

Strength for the Weary

Fr. Marc describes some of the factors that can lead to spiritual weariness and burnout. He then looks at various Scriptures that show how to can regain our passion for God and the life He has given us.

Does God Care About Me?

Fr. Marc takes a look at the story of Hagar to help us understand that God cares about us even when we go through difficult circumstances. He also reminds us that we should usually hold off on major life decisions when we are going through a storm.
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