"salvation" Tagged Sermons

"salvation" Tagged Sermons

People Around Us Need Jesus

Fr. Marc shares encouraging testimonies from an afternoon with Revive Texas. He reminds us that the people around us are in desperate need of God’s love, a love that we can share with them if we tell them about Jesus.

Rt. Rev. Paul Lambert, Suffragan Bishop of Dallas

Bishop Paul Lambert visits Good Shepherd Church shortly before his retirement. In his message, he encourages us to deepen our knowledge and love for God through Scripture, fellowship and the Eucharist. He also called us to be faithful in reaching out and evangelizing in our community.

How to Pass the Tests of Life

Whether we like it or not, life is full of tests.  In Exodus, we see how Moses leads God’s people through their testing in the desert.  Fr. Marc highlights this story as he challenges us to trust God through our own trials and tests.

Jesus Weeps For Us

Luke’s Gospel describes how Jesus wept over Jerusalem because of their stubbornness and unwillingness to listen.  In this lesson, Fr. Marc reminds us that God has not changed and that Jesus weeps over us as well.  Are we listening?


Drawing inspiration from the Psalms and the calling of Jeremiah, Fr. Marc revisits the core vision of Good Shepherd Church: to know, follow and serve Jesus. He also ties that vision to our calling to bring other people into the same pattern of discipleship and growth in their walk with Christ.

Unconditional Love

Fr. Gary Hill visits Good Shepherd and shares a crucial message reminding us that God’s love has no strings attached.
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