"service" Tagged Sermons

"service" Tagged Sermons

The Divine Call to Servant Leadership

In this sermon, Father Marc explores the Divine Call to servant leadership. Jesus, being the ultimate example of what a servant leader is and what a servant leader is not.  A servant leader is not apathetic, unproductive, self-serving, and unaware of destructive people and forces. In Matthew 23, Jesus told his followers they were not be called “Rabbi,” “Father,” and “Teacher.” Each of these titles carried with it a certain understanding to the people of Jesus’ day. Rabbi’s were Israel’s…

God’s Economy: Serve and Give

Fr. Marc looks at the story of the sons of Zebedee in Mark’s gospel to illustrate an important truth: humility and service to others is the only pathway to greatness in the kingdom of God.

Catch and Release – Stewardship Part 3

In part 3 of the series, Fr. Marc reminds us that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others. We are commanded to share what God gives us with those in need, following the words of Jesus, “freely you have received, freely give.”

Cultivating Abundance – Stewardship part 2

Father Mark challenges us to walk in faith, trust, and obedience.  These are keys to cultivating abundance in our lives.  He compares this to a farmer cultivating a field for harvest.  We need to till and fertilize the soil of our hearts to prepare for the Lord.  God has a harvest waiting, but we need to overcome our fears and do the work of the harvest, putting the Lord first.

Working As Unto the Lord – Stewardship Part 1

As he begins a series on stewardship, Fr. Marc encourages us to develop a Christian work ethic. Quoting Colossians, he reminds us that we should do everything with all our heart, as if we were working for and serving the Lord Himself. Having a right attitude about our work can also bring a renewed sense of joy and fulfillment to our lives.

Finding Help Along the Way

In this sermon, Fr. Marc reminds us that we never stand alone. We represent all of the people who have made an impact on our lives. Similarly, Jesus teaches his disciples in Matthew that “whoever welcomes you welcomes Me.” Finally, he asks us to remember the people who have invested in us, and to make a conscious choice to invest in the lives of others.
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