"truth" Tagged Sermons

"truth" Tagged Sermons

Stumbling Block 2: Ignoring Truth

In the second part of his series on stumbling blocks, Fr. Marc warns us about the dangers of ignoring God’s Word when we live amidst a culture whose truths and values are constantly changing.

What is the Church in a topsy turvey world?

With all the pressure put on Christians and the church to ‘get with the times’, Father Marc addresses the question “Who is the church?”  This is a challenging and relevant message for all that are trying to learn what it means to be salt and light is a changing world.

A Father’s Eulogy

Fr. Marc looks at Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20. Paul’s words reveal the core values that he lived by while teaching and discipling his spiritual children. Fr. Marc draws from these a set of values that characterize a godly father as he sets an example for his children to follow.

Dancing with the Devil

Fr. Marc tackles the issue of temptation and how it operates in our lives. He then gives guidance from Scripture on how to resist sin’s influence and live a godly life in Christ.

Spiritual Travel Itinerary

Today’s message begins with an encouraging testimony from a young man named Raj who works in an orphanage in the Andaman Islands, a group of islands southeast India. Fr. Marc then challenges us from Scripture to consider our ‘spiritual itinerary’, where we are going in our relationship with God and in eternity.

Strengthening Your Marriage Part 3

In the third part of his series on marriage, Fr. Marc outlines the Biblical plan for marriage and the benefits it conveys. He also gives a number of statistics showing that a godly marriage leads to improved happiness and health for  both the married couple and their children.
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