Sermons on Jesus

Sermons on Jesus

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The Baby Crib Jesus

It’s easy for folks to accept the Baby Jesus. Everyone likes the baby in the crib. He’s cute, the manger scene is very soft and gentle, poetic in nature. Animals, mother and Joseph, the shepherd, wise men. It’s a beautiful and serene picture. The problem with many folks is that even though the baby Jesus grew up they have not in their understanding of Jesus. In essence, they keep the baby in the crib. The baby Jesus is non-threatening, the…

What Are You Expecting?

Christmas is that time of year when expectations run high. Children are exited about the toys and gifts they may be receiving. Parents are excited about who is coming to visit, and many people are expecting a better year next year at year’s end. The people of the bible were living with expectations of a Messiah who came on that first Christmas Morning. This Messiah had been foretold in the stories of the Prophets which every Jewish person in Palestine…

Ultimate Authority

In this Sermon, Father Dobson examines the issue of authority in light of current social trends against authority. In Acts 4, we learned that in certain instances, God’s ultimate authority overrides humanly instituted authority in matters of the gospel. In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus demonstrates this principle during a confrontation in the temple courts with the religious leaders of his day. Jesus’ own authority came not from men but from His Father above. In the parable of the two sons, it…
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