Sermons on Parenting

Sermons on Parenting

The Baby Crib Jesus

It’s easy for folks to accept the Baby Jesus. Everyone likes the baby in the crib. He’s cute, the manger scene is very soft and gentle, poetic in nature. Animals, mother and Joseph, the shepherd, wise men. It’s a beautiful and serene picture. The problem with many folks is that even though the baby Jesus grew up they have not in their understanding of Jesus. In essence, they keep the baby in the crib. The baby Jesus is non-threatening, the…

No Lack of Love

Celebrating Grandparent’s Sunday, Father Marc looks at the Commandment to honor our parents and our grandparents. He stated, “A society that loves and recognizes God first, families that honor parents and grandparents and care for them, marriages which remain faithful sanctified makes for a stable, blessed and integral society. Grandparents have a special role in both society and in families. These roles include, loving their grandchildren and children, passing on the traditions of faith and family, living as a Godly…

Are You an Empty Nester?

Fr. Marc discusses the transition in a marriage and family when the children leave the home. He contrasts biblical culture with our own and offers some advice to help parents with their marriages and their ongoing relationship with their children as adults.

A Father’s Eulogy

Fr. Marc looks at Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20. Paul’s words reveal the core values that he lived by while teaching and discipling his spiritual children. Fr. Marc draws from these a set of values that characterize a godly father as he sets an example for his children to follow.

The Vital Place of a Godly Mother

Fr. Marc looks at the power that a godly mother can have by looking at the story of Timothy, whose mother and grandmother taught him to believe in Christ. After contrasting that with the story of Jezebel and her sons, he reminds us that a mother’s influence is one of the most important components of life.