Sermons on Serving God

Sermons on Serving God

Does the Church Matter?

Why aren’t people attending church today as regularly as they have in the past? When polled, a majority of Americans call themselves Christians yet church attendance statistics do not show their commitment. According to Church Leader Website, less than 20% of Americans attend church weekly but when polled 40% say they do. Their is a difference in what we perceive to be faithful Christianity and what is actually being practiced. How would an alien visitor describe a practicing Christian from…

Living Life with Purpose

Have you ever noticed that people who live their life with a strong sense of purpose attract us? We look up to those kind of people. They are separated from the pack, being led in this life by something bigger than themselves or the common horde. These people also are attacked by others for various reasons. John the Baptist and Jesus were these kind of people. In this sermon, F Marc explores living life with purpose. Looking at John the…

The Divine Call to Servant Leadership

In this sermon, Father Marc explores the Divine Call to servant leadership. Jesus, being the ultimate example of what a servant leader is and what a servant leader is not.  A servant leader is not apathetic, unproductive, self-serving, and unaware of destructive people and forces. In Matthew 23, Jesus told his followers they were not be called “Rabbi,” “Father,” and “Teacher.” Each of these titles carried with it a certain understanding to the people of Jesus’ day. Rabbi’s were Israel’s…

Father Lamuel Salik

Guest priest Rev. Lamuel Salik shares about his life and ministry including his time in Pakistan and the persecution he endured.
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