Sermons on Values

Sermons on Values

How to Live a Life of Integrity

In this sermon, Father Marc takes us to Psalm 26:1-8 to uncover the psalmist’s definition of living a life of integrity. He then ties in a New Testament teaching of Paul from Romans 12:9-12 that adds several other keys to integrity for the Christian. To live with integrity before God one has to know these seven Keys: Trusting Faithful Avoidance of Evil Thankful Worshipping Genuine Caring

Stumbling Block 2: Ignoring Truth

In the second part of his series on stumbling blocks, Fr. Marc warns us about the dangers of ignoring God’s Word when we live amidst a culture whose truths and values are constantly changing.

Time to Update Your Spiritual Resume

The apostle Paul had the perfect resume. He had all the bragging rights he needed to be considered a great religious man.  When sharing this with the Philippians, however, he calls it all rubbish.  So what is important? What do we need to update our spiritual resume?