Sermons from July 2014

Sermons from July 2014

Who Will Separate Us From the Love of Christ?

In this sermon, visiting priest Fr. Charlie Keen speaks candidly about the kinds of suffering that many of us go through in this life. He then reminds us that we are called to show Christ’s love to those who are hurting and in need. He includes some anecdotes from the Gathering, a homeless ministry in downtown Dallas where Fr. Charlie serves.

The Parable of the Sower

Fr. Marc describes his first, futile attempts at gardening in Texas soil. He then moves on to the parable of the sower (found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke) and explains that we need to examine the quality of the soil of our hearts if we want to bear fruit for the kingdom of God.

Strength for the Weary

Fr. Marc describes some of the factors that can lead to spiritual weariness and burnout. He then looks at various Scriptures that show how to can regain our passion for God and the life He has given us.