Sermons from November 2014

Sermons from November 2014

Are You Ready?

Advent is a special season to prepare our hearts for the coming of our Lord. Fr. Marc challenges us to make changes in our lives this Advent season, to be ready not just for Christmas but also to invite Jesus into our lives again in a new and fresh way. Let’s do something different this Christmas season and make those changes that will carry though the whole year to come.

Number Your Days

Drawing from Psalm 90 and Matthew, Fr. Marc counsels us to make the most of the time that God has given us. He also discusses the concept of the ‘day of the Lord’ in Zephaniah and 1 Thessalonians and urges us to live each day for God’s glory.

Failure Equals Opportunity

Drawing from the story of Peter along with other Scriptures and real-life stories, Fr. Marc encourages us to view failure as an opportunity to turn to God and follow His plan for our life. He also reminds us that only God–and not our failures–can determine 0ur destiny.

Celebrating the Harvest – Stewardship Part 4

In the final part of the series on stewardship, Fr. Marc brings us a timely message on thankfulness. Examining the three festivals in Exodus 23:14-19, he shows us the importance of remembering God in times of blessing and always giving Him our best.