Sermons from December 2014

Sermons from December 2014

Thoughts for a New Year

How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Fr. Marc offers some inspiration from Scriptures to help us set goals that line up with God’s plan for our lives.

Are you connected?

Mary and Joseph were not connected in the way that the world thought was the right way to be connected. They were disconnected from their friends and family. Mary even had to give birth to Jesus an a stable. They were, however, connected to one another, to God, and to His plan for their lives. This Christmas, Fr. Marc challenges us to evaluate our connections. Are we really connected to each other and are we connected with the most important…

Everything is Possible with God

The heart of the Christmas story is a miracle: God becoming human through a young Jewish virgin named Mary. Fr. Marc looks at this turning point in history, reminding us that there is truly nothing that is impossible with God.


Fr. Marc highlights Isaiah 61 as he discusses the expectations people had for the Messiah and how Jesus fulfilled God’s plan instead.  He reminds us that we should challenge our own expectations of God and make sure our priorities are in the right place.  Although unmet expectations often lead to disappointment, we have a choice in how we respond.  Paul encourages the Thessalonians to give thanks in all circumstances, and we too can experience the joy of the power of…

The Three Baptisms

Drawing from the story of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River, Fr. Marc discusses the three baptisms in the Christian life: birth, the baptism of water for repentance, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live out our faith in Christ.