Sermons from March 2015

Sermons from March 2015

Suffering from Two Points of View

In this Palm Sunday sermon, Fr. Marc contrasts the suffering of Israel in the Old Testament with the suffering of the Servant of the Lord in Isaiah 50. He reminds us that we, too, must take up our cross to follow Christ.

From Ministry to Mission

Fr. Marc looks at the transition in Jesus’ life from ministry to Israel to a mission to bring salvation to Israel and the whole world through death on the Cross. Jesus wasn’t the type of Messiah the people wanted or expected, but He was and is the Messiah that we all desperately need.

Rest, Reflection, Renewal

Fr. Marc draws from a variety of Scriptures that highlight the necessity of a regular pattern of rest,  prayer and renewal in the life of a believer.

Channeling Righteous Anger

In this sermon, Rev. Dr. Ashley Classen talks about the difficult topic of godly anger and forgiveness. He draws from his own experiences as a Vietnam veteran who lost close friends in battle and as a medical professional with a calling to heal the wounded.