Sermons from June 2015

Sermons from June 2015

In God We Trust

Fr. Marc begins the sermon by talking about his father, a WWII paratrooper whose life depended on the reliability of a parachute. He mentions the everyday things we trust in–car brakes, money, airline pilots–then points us to Scriptures that remind us that we must ultimately put our trust in God and His Word.

A Father’s Eulogy

Fr. Marc looks at Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20. Paul’s words reveal the core values that he lived by while teaching and discipling his spiritual children. Fr. Marc draws from these a set of values that characterize a godly father as he sets an example for his children to follow.

Growing God’s Garden

Fr. Marc looks at a parable in Mark’s gospel that compares the growth of God’s kingdom to a seed that eventually becomes a large, fruitful plant. Drawing from his own experiences with gardening in North Texas, he talks about how we are to receive the seed of God’s Word into our own hearts and also sow it into the lives of those around us.

Dancing with the Devil

Fr. Marc tackles the issue of temptation and how it operates in our lives. He then gives guidance from Scripture on how to resist sin’s influence and live a godly life in Christ.