Sermons from July 2017

Sermons from July 2017

Rev. Virginia Holleman – Parable of the Sower

In her sermon on the parable of the sower, Rev. Holleman begins by describing her family garden when she was a child in Connecticut. She uses that image to help us think through the things that can keep us from bearing the fruit of the Spirit in our walk with Christ.

Rev. Virginia Holleman – All who are weary

Rev. Virginia Holleman compares the life and ministry of Jesus to that of the Pharisees. While the Pharisees burdened people with hundreds of rules, Jesus brings healing, hope, peace, and forgiveness.  You will be blessed and encouraged by this moving message of God’s grace in our lives!

Spiritual Growth: Abraham

Although Abraham is known as the father of faith, he had many weaknesses.  Throughout the story of Abraham’s life we learn that God can work through flawed and broken people. We also see Abraham’s faith growing strong even through some pretty tough situations and mistakes.  Don’t miss learning from Abraham’s life as Fr. Marc continues to teach on spiritual growth!