Sermons from October 2017

Sermons from October 2017

No Lack of Love

Celebrating Grandparent’s Sunday, Father Marc looks at the Commandment to honor our parents and our grandparents. He stated, “A society that loves and recognizes God first, families that honor parents and grandparents and care for them, marriages which remain faithful sanctified makes for a stable, blessed and integral society. Grandparents have a special role in both society and in families. These roles include, loving their grandchildren and children, passing on the traditions of faith and family, living as a Godly…

Father Lamuel Salik

Guest priest Rev. Lamuel Salik shares about his life and ministry including his time in Pakistan and the persecution he endured.

Stewardship and the Prince’s Wedding

In this sermon, Father Marc looks at the parable of the wedding of the King’s Son from the perspective of stewardship. In stead of honoring the king for living under his protection, his blessings, his city and land, the people rejected the King and his Son, even killing the messengers. Gratitude should have been their attitude! In reality the King owns it all.

The Landowner

In this first part of his series on Stewardship, Father Marc teaches us that God is the owner of all things both in heaven and on the earth. We are stewards over what he has entrusted to us. We should not be like the unfaithful stewards in Jesus story of the landowner. But when God asks of us the “harvest” we should be ready and willing to give to him what already belongs to him. God planted the vineyard expecting…

Ultimate Authority

In this Sermon, Father Dobson examines the issue of authority in light of current social trends against authority. In Acts 4, we learned that in certain instances, God’s ultimate authority overrides humanly instituted authority in matters of the gospel. In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus demonstrates this principle during a confrontation in the temple courts with the religious leaders of his day. Jesus’ own authority came not from men but from His Father above. In the parable of the two sons, it…