Beware, Keep Alert, Keep Awake

If you sensed danger around you the natural tendency for humans is to enter what we call “fight or flight” mode. There is a high level of awareness, alertness to the dangers around us, and certainly the incentive exists to stay awake! Jesus taught his followers about end time events that would occur, both in the immediate near future and in the not yet realized distant future. In Mark’s gospel the 13th Chapter, Jesus teaches from the Mount of Olives what is known as the “Olivet Discourses.” From this series of teachings, we learn that the temple would be destroyed, Natural disasters would mark the beginning of the end events, famines and great suffering would be the evidence of the coming of the Lord. The Abomination of Desolation would be the sign to run to the hills, to leave Jerusalem and seek shelter in the hills and mountains outside of the city. Yet we know from history that these events did occur in the Fall of Jerusalem in D 70 and many did not heed the warnings of Jesus. Instead of fleeing to the hills they sought refuge in the city and were starved to death by the Roman armies. Yet as many prophecies of the bible go, there is both an immediate or near fulfillment and an anticipated future fulfillment to come. Every even will have a sign just as His Second Coming will have these signs. How then is the believer to live while we wait in anticipation for His return? Jesus taught we are to Be Aware, Keep Alert and Keep Awake. Be aware of the signs, Keep alert to the dangers of the devil, and Keep Awake being ready for His return. Don’t be like the 5 virgins who went to sleep and missed the wedding banquet.


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