That You May Know Christ the King

Christ the King Sunday is the church’s time to honor our Savior as both Savior and King. Jesus rules and reigns over the Kingdom of God and one day will return to consummate the final destination for the people of God. In Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1, the Apostle is praying for the believers in Ephesus. The essence of his prayer is not for worldly things but for heavenly gifts. The Apostle prayed for wisdom and revelation. From these two gifts the believer in Christ could overcome this world and all of its temptations and ungodliness. Wisdom was the ability to rightfully apply knowledge and revelation is a direct knowledge or understanding of God and His workings. To walk with wisdom in this world and to have the knowledge of God’s workings as they apply to life in the here and now was the key to the successful Christian Life. Paul then turns to the future and the three crowns that await the believer. The crown of life, the crown of righteousness and the crown of glory. Beyond these three crowns the Christian has all the riches of the Kingdom at his/her disposal. This enables the believer to walk in the power of God, the same power that raised Christ from the dead, that enables Christ to rule in the heavens, and the power of divine responsibilities for the gospel. The believer is not left alone here on a deserted planet by God but is under the rule and reign of Jesus Christ, with all the power of the Kingdom at our disposal. There is nothing that can overcome us as believers in Christ. We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!


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