Prayer is an important part of what we believe and do at Good Shepherd Church.

We pray the Prayers of the People each Sunday at all our morning services. We intercede for general needs such as:

  • The Universal Church, its members, and its mission
  • The Nation and all in authority
  • The welfare of the world

We also pray for:

  • The concerns of the local community
  • Those who suffer and those in any trouble
  • For those in need of healing and those suffering pain or grief, we
    pray by name for people we know of

Hope OF Glory

We also have weekly “Hope of Glory Prayer Meetings”, a dedicated group of prayer warriors praying for our world, community and church. In addition, the group prays for personal requests. We believe that God hears our prayers and will move to bring healing and help in His time.

You can submit your prayer requests online or text them to 972-779-9868.