Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

Turning point: Leaving all to follow Jesus to fish for people

To leave family and job to follow Jesus seems counter-intuitive behavior. The Great Commission, Jesus’ last command, calls every follower of Jesus to go teach and make disciples by our life-style and words. 70% of Americans are not involved with church. But our task is not to fill up church pews, but to fill up heaven with souls who have accepted the Good News.

What is Lent? Why the ashes?

In Lent we are called to pay attention to our inner life. The symbols associated with Lent are to help us meditate on the sacrifice of Jesus and our need for forgiveness.

We Give because God is a Giver

God is the owner; we are the managers. In gratitude we give back to God for the advancement of the Kingdom. The tithe was to remind people that God was the owner. We live in gratitude because Jesus gave his life for us.
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